Fall 2021 Events

You did a thing, now what? Anchors and anvils in evaluating KT projects

December 3, 12-1pm – online session

The knowledge translation (KT) cycle doesn’t end after the production of tools or implementation of strategies. Taking your work a step further with thoughtful evaluation is imperative to ensuring your project has hit its mark . This presentation will discuss how you can use anchors, anvils, and maybe other forms of alliteration, to help you measure the impact of your KT strategies.

This workshop will be led by Jess Voll, MPH, CE and knowledge broker with Gambling Research Exchange (GREO) . As a Credentialed Evaluator (Canadian Evaluation Society) and KT ninja, Jess is particularly passionate about using a combination of critical thinking, flexible problem solving, and conceptual thinking skills to evaluate the impact, effectiveness, and efficiency of knowledge translation products and initiatives.

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