Winter 2022 Events

Anti-Oppression in Knowledge Mobilization

January 21, 12-1pm – online session

Wondering how anti-oppression can inform knowledge mobilization (KMb)? You’re not alone! Our facilitator, Hilda Smith, spent their whole PhD wondering how to avoid issues with sharing knowledge related to social oppression. Join us on January 21 to learn a few ways to bring anti-oppression into your KMb work. This workshop will create an interactive learning space where you get to try out what you’re learning; using arts-based and group activities to let you network while you pick up a few tricks.

This workshop will be led by Hilda Smith, Knowledge Mobilization Specialist, PiET Lab, AcTinSite, York University.

PS. We will be starting the workshop with an arts-based land acknowledgement. We encourage participants to take some time to find an image related to one of the following:

  • Your engagement with the land
  • Solidarity with indigenous nations

Register for the session:

Illustration of many brightly coloured hands raised into the air