Fall-Winter 2022-23 Events

This year, we’re exploring tensions in KMb through a series of facilitated group discussions. Sessions will be interactive and engage participants in discussions around some of the key struggles, questions and tensions that we face as practitioners of KMb.

Tensions in Knowledge Mobilization: Examining the Impact of Knowledge Mobilization Strategies to Inform Decision Making

February 10, from 12-1pm

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Evidence-based decision making is often seen as a goal of knowledge mobilization across many sectors including environmental management, healthcare, business, etc. The idea is that when good research, science and knowledge is at the heart of policy development and implementation, it can help people make well informed decisions about policies, programs, and projects. This is applicable in both public and private sectors. 

But we also know that policy making is often not that simple and must also incorporate additional considerations such as the local context, community needs, political preferences, and resource availability.

Beyond these various types of evidence, decision-making can also be influenced by numerous factors such as ideology, trusted relationships, interactions among decision makers, personal values, strategic planning, etc. As a result, it can seem like some decisions are made to meet political goals rather than being informed by the current state of knowledge. 

As knowledge mobilizers who are intent on influencing decision making processes based on new research or knowledge, how do we effectively understand and navigate the black box of decision making? What are the factors at play and how do they interact with scientific evidence?

Join us on Friday, February 10 to share your thoughts and experiences and reflect with colleagues facing the same questions. We look forward to a fun and informal conversation in a friendly environment!

Save the date:

  • March 24, 12-1pm – Actual vs token co-creation 
  • Spring  2023 – Spring social – Date TBD

Past Events

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