Fall-Winter 2022-23 Events

This year, we’re exploring tensions in KMb through a series of facilitated group discussions. Sessions will be interactive and engage participants in discussions around some of the key struggles, questions and tensions that we face as practitioners of KMb.

Tensions in Knowledge Mobilization: Meaningful vs Token Co-Creation

March 24, from 12-1pm

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This final winter session of the Waterloo Wellington KMb Community will explore what we know about succeeding – and failing – at knowledge mobilization.

We will use a “worst case scenario” exercise to think creatively and critically about co-creation as part of knowledge mobilization work.

Co-creation happens when impacted groups and end users help to design a product or process.

Through a facilitated session, we will brainstorm some “worst practices” for co-creation initiatives. We will reflect on this list to identify common gaps in our collective practice, discuss some underlying causes for gaps and challenges, and consider how we may respond to improve our approaches.

Join us on Friday, March 24 from 12-1pm for an active discussion session with KMb colleagues. We look forward to a fun and informal conversation in a friendly environment!

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Past Events

June 2022 KMb Forum: Sharing Knowledge with Indigenous Communities

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